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About Us

Janel Nichols Agency

Excellence in Insurance: Your Trusted Partner in Western New York, Where Professionalism Meets Personal Commitment

Agency owner, Janel Nichols was born and raised in beautiful Western New York and loves everything about her community. Her office is involved in a number of community events and always has a great time putting a basket together for a raffle or lending a helping hand to a family or organization in need.

Janel has been in the insurance industry since 2011 and truly enjoys helping her customers with all their insurance needs. She takes it personally when a client trusts her with insuring their property and ensuring they have what they need to recover after a loss. Whether you’re purchasing insurance coverage or making a claim, she is here to make sure your request is handled professionally and efficiently. 

While many agencies have used technology to remove personal interaction from the service equation, Janel believes there’s nothing more important than maintaining a relationship with her clients.

Janel Nichols, Owner

Elevate Your Insurance Experience with Janel Nichols. Connect for Personalized Coverage and Professional Service that Truly Cares

Our Mission

Guiding Life's Journey

At the core of our mission lies a dedication to helping individuals not only manage the inherent risks of everyday life but to emerge resiliently from the unexpected. We are not just in the business of insurance; we are here to be your steadfast partner in realizing aspirations. Let us navigate life’s uncertainties together, ensuring that your dreams are not just protected but actively pursued and achieved.

Outstanding Service

Delivering exception service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Protection

Ensuring you’re adequately protected across all your insurance needs.

Building Relationships

Fostering meaningful connections with our clients based on trust.

Collaborative Atmosphere

Creating a positive workplace where professionalism meets enthusiasm.

The Independent Advantage

Located in the heart of Arcade, NY, our agency operates as a beacon of empowered independence. Here, we take pride in not just being an insurance entity; we are your exclusive advocates, meticulously selecting the perfect carrier to meet your unique insurance requirements.

Your Exclusive Choice: When you choose us, you choose more than an agency; you choose a partner dedicated to crafting insurance solutions tailored exclusively for you.

Beyond insurance transactions, we are advocates standing with you in times of adversity. Rest assured, our commitment goes beyond fair and swift payment; we are committed to delivering an unparalleled service experience. At Janel Nichols Agency, LLC, your well-being is not just a priority – it’s our unwavering allegiance.

Your Support System: When challenges arise, we not only provide solutions; we stand as your support system, ensuring your needs are met with empathy, speed, and the utmost professionalism.

Fortified Alliances: Our agency takes pride in representing a meticulously curated consortium of financially robust and esteemed companies. Through these fortified alliances, we not only promise the best in coverage but also the assurance that your unique needs will be met seamlessly.

Your Shield of Assurance: Partnering with us means more than coverage; it means gaining a shield of assurance forged through strategic alliances with the best in the industry.

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Janel Nichols Insurance
697 W Main St, Arcade, NY, 14009



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